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Name: Anna Heywood

Age: 33 (yikes)

Where do you live? On top of a hill overlooking the beautiful Wye Valley, just outside Hay on Wye

Current bike(s):Whichever bike from our hire fleet is not in use! And of course Mr B, my sturdy Thorn expedition bike, who spends a lot of time in the shed these days :(

How long have you been cycling? Since the age of four, but never very seriously.

What type of cycling are you into?I love cycling as a means of seeing the world, so the terrain is less important than the landscape, people, weather and food I encounter along the way.

Best day on a bike? Freewheeling down a beautiful valley road in the Dordogne. Wind in my hair and plenty of pains-aux-chocolats in my bar bag…

…and the worst? 80-odd kilometres along a dirt road in Ethiopia with knee-grinding climbs, driving rain and charming local children hurling stones and abuse. In hindsight the scenery was spectacular, but I wasn’t in the mood to appreciate it at the time!

Plans/goals for 2014? In terms of cycling – to do more! The Hay Bike Fest, which we’re helping to organise, is taking place in April and I don’t want to let the side down so had better get some riding in over the winter! Out of the saddle, achieving some sort of work-life balance is the number one priority for the year ahead.

What is your day job? Running Drover Holidays.

What do you do other than cycling? Work, basically… Any spare time is spent walking, gardening, cooking and looking after my feathery friends (chickens that is).

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