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Raleigh Spirit

With spring in the air and – tempting fate – summer just around the corner, we go laid back, we go leisure for May’s Bike of the Month. Introducing the Raleigh Spirit

We think its smooth, retro styling screams instant classic, and if our guest reviewer’s take on the Spirit is anything to go by, we’re not wrong: Joanna Guise was so impressed, she bought one!

Without further ado, lets load up the Spirit’s whicker basket with picnic goodies and join Jo on a pootle around some quiet country lanes.

First off, what’s your cycling background, Jo?

I’m what you’d call a newbie cyclist  – and lover of shiny things – so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on this beauty through the Cycle to Work Scheme. Drover even put it together and serviced it for me, so it was ready and safe to ride home when I picked it up – if you’re not familiar with bikes and their workings, this is a great service.

‘Spirit’ of retro maybe, what do you think?

Yes, I’d say the Raleigh Spirit combines the best of the old and the new. With its traditional elegance and modern technology, it oozes the high quality you’d expect from a Raleigh bicycle. Mud guards and a colour-coordinated chain guard protect the rider’s clothing, and complete the look of this dependable steed.

What’s it like to ride? Looks pretty comfy…

The step-through frame is made of a lightweight Aluminium alloy, making the Spirit much lighter than its ancestors. It’s got a relaxed geometry for a lovely upright riding position. Combining that with its swept back ergo grip handle bars and comfort saddle makes the Spirit a pleasure to pedal.

The wicker front basket and rear luggage rack mean the Spirit is ideal for both  popping to the shops, or heading out on a longer ride armed with a picnic. What’s more, you will do it with class, and you don’t have to wriggle into lycra to get there!

We notice you were even tempted by a bit of  bike bling!

Well-spotted! As the Spirit is already very easy on the eye, and colour co-ordinated, I didn’t want many accessories aside from the standard helmet, lock and gloves. That said, when I saw the Basil Blossom Roses saddle cover, it was love at first sight! It works brilliantly with the traditional aura of the bike, and people often ask me where I bought it so they can buy one!

In one sentence, then, can you capture the – umh – spirit of the Spirit?

If you want to revel in retro, pedal in style, and arrive at the best picnics with an air of pizazz,  the Raleigh Spirit could be ‘the one’.

Raleigh Spirit RRP £350.

We stock the full range of Raleigh bikes, so get in touch for more information.

Check out the Spirit’s full spec here.