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Monday June 9th sees the start of Bike to School Week 2014.

If you haven’t started already, it’s the perfect time to get your littluns into pedalling to school. Just 15 minutes exercise a day not only helps keep them healthy, but studies show it can boost academic performance – they really can pedal their way to exam success!

To celebrate Bike to School Week, we’re giving away a FREE Met helmet worth £25 with every purchase of a new Frog kids’ bike.

Never heard of Frog?

Frog bikes 2

The great thing is, these bikes have been designed by a real, actual mum and dad – who tested their prototypes on their own children!

Here’s what Frog founders Jerry and Shelley say about their brand:

‘We are a small British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children. We believe that the lighter the bike, the easier it is for children to learn to ride, and to enjoy it more as they progress. Many children’s bikes on the market weigh nearly as much as the child!

‘So we set about re-designing the kids’ bike, sourcing a light but strong aluminium frame, and hand-picking components that offer a high performance without compromising the weight.’

We stock a big chunk of the Frog bike range, starting at £100 for a pedal-free balance bike aimed at 2-3 year-olds, right up to a £270 mountain bike – equipped with a proper suspension fork – for kids aged 8-10.

And get this – all Frog bikes come with a whopping five year warranty on the frame and forks!

Drop by the shop or call us on 01497 822419 for more info.

In the meantime, if you’re unsure what size bike you need, check out Frog’s sizing guide below.

Frog bikes 3