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The Most Amazing Story award in this month’s mountain bike mags goes to MBR for their piece on amputee rider Glenn Johnstone.

bionic pyga rider

What isn’t amazing is Glen’s love for his Pyga OneTen 29er – we’ve been singing the brand’s praises since day one, they’ve picked up a heap of great reviews and we were thrilled to read the OneTen has become Glenn’s weapon of choice for hitting up his local trails.

No surprises there!

In fact the wow factor is all down to Glenn and his tenacity for trail riding, an enthusiasm which has led him to get his mitts on the single most amazing bionic leg this side of The Terminator.

Lovers of shiny things will be drooling over the carbon and alloy craftsmanship, but how about this for bragging rights: Glenn’s got a RockShox Monarch shock built into his knee!

rockshox knee

The set up enables Glenn to fine-tune his leg for different styles of riding. As MBR say: ‘We were flabbergasted at how well Glenn can ride. Put a long pair of trousers on him and you’d be hard pressed to know there is anything other than a fully functional leg driving the pedals.’

We wish Glenn the best of luck with his riding, and hope his love affair with Pyga continues!

Read the full piece in this month’s MBR magazine.

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