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Today is National Cycle to Work Day, and we’re hoping plenty of you swapped four wheels for two and – just for a change – made it to your desks under pedal instead of petrol power.

Now, just as summer turns to autumn, it’s not too hard to find the will to pedal to work – full-on sunshine might be on short rations, but you’re unlikely to be pedaling home in the dark just yet and hopefully there’s a while to go before we start seeing the kind of sub-zero temperatures that kept us on our toes last winter!

But we reckon Cycle to Work Day is about more than just one day and a single commute. It’s about inspiring you to jump on the saddle and ride to work for a day or two every month, perhaps each week or maybe even every day.

So what if it’s raining – you’re not made of sugar!

Whatever the weather throws at you, however dark it gets, here at Drovers we’ve got the kit to keep you pedalling right through Autumn and beyond. Not only will you be helping reduce emissions, but you’ll also be doing your heart and lungs a favour – and combating workplace stress before you’ve even clocked in.

Here’s three top bits of gear for cycling the commute in comfort – and safety.

1. Altura Night Vision bib tights

Altura Night Vision bib tights

We stock the entire Altura Night Vision range, but the windproof bib tights are especially effecticve at keeping winter chills at bay. The fit is snug but unrestrictive and the hi-vis Night Vision moves with every pedal stroke, ensuring you stay seen by following traffic.

2. Bioflex overshoes

Bioflex overshoes

The best overshoes we’ve found, and we’ve tried a few. These come in three temperature ratings – Sub-Zero, Plus-Zero and Zero – to keep your toes toasty right through winter.

3. Cateye Nima lights

Cateye Nima lights

Great back-up lights to improve your visibility. They mount in seconds by way of a heavy-duty band and the semi-transparent casing lets light shine through, allowing greater side visibility. Chuck them on handlebars, seat stays, bags or packs.