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The window of opportunity for Powys County Council employees who want to sign up for the Cycle to Work scheme opens in just under two weeks’ time.

Drover Cycles is an official Cycle to Work provider for Powys.

Cycle to Work saves you as much as 40% off the price of a new bike – along with accessories – worth up to £1000, with the cost deducted from your monthly salary.

You can find out everything you ever wanted to know about Cycle to Work – and probably a fair bit more – along with some sample bike costings here.

Remember that you don’t have to use your Cycle to Work bike just for getting to work and back – and your choice isn’t limited to stuffy commuter bikes. You can use the scheme to get a sleek road racer or a mountain bike, bag a hefty discount and pay in interest-free installments to boot!

cycle lane

You can benefit from buying through your local bike shop in the following ways:

*Range of bikes in-store for you see in the flesh, plus demo models you can try before you buy.

*Full in-store bike fitting and face-to-face advice from our expert staff.

*Receive your bike fully-built instead of boxed for self-assembly.

*Free service and bike check after a month’s use.

*Peace of mind that we’re only round the corner if you need help or something goes wrong.

*Your money stays in Powys and helps support local businesses.

*Buying from us costs no more than buying online from what used to be the sole scheme provider.

The Powys County Council Cycle to Work scheme is open for applications from April 27th to May 22nd.

Speak to us or your employer if you’re interested in signing up.