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We’re proud to announce we’ve been asked by award-winning British brand Genesis to act as one of their official demo centres.

Besides our massive hire fleet of steel-framed High Latitude 29ers, we’ve just built up a brand new Genesis Equilibrium Disc.

Yup – Genesis are taking the plunge for 2014 and bringing disc brakes to the road bike. A disc set-up might not appeal to the weight weenies, and it’s certainly a step into controversial territory, but insiders reckon discs for road racers are the future.

Genesis Equilibrium disc

The Equilibrium Disc is built up with a frame fashioned from Birmingham-made Reynolds 631 steel. Reynolds also provide the raw materials for specially designed tapered fork legs, designed to complement the increased – and repositioned – forces of a disc brake.

We’re not saying disc brakes are going to replace traditional calipers on road bikes over night, but Genesis have got it spot on with this: ‘We think road disc has a definite place and brings with it some tangible benefits for the masses. It is the ideal partner to our Equilibrium range where the emphasis is a little less on ‘race’ and more on ‘ride’.

We’re also going to be showcasing Genesis’ Volare 20 – this bike just screams performance. The stainless steel frame does a cracking job of dampening down the sometimes harsh ride of UK rides, while remaining stiff enough to race. In fact, this is a slightly more affordable version of the bike the Madison-Genesis team are racing on.


Staying with stainless, landing imminently at the shop is Genesis’ adventure/touring steed, the Croix de Fer 931. Designed to be ridden all seasons and last a lifetime, the Croix comes tour and expedition ready, with eyelets for full-length mudguards and front and rear racks.

Croix de Fer 931

On the mountain bike front, anyone who’s swung a leg over one of our High Latitudes will know just how capable these bikes are. From big mountain all-dayers – winter or summer – to slaying trail centre singletrack, the High Latitude takes it all in its stride.

See for yourself below as mountain bike scribe Benji Haworth takes one on a bike-packing trip with skills coach Ed Oxley (riding yet another Genesis machine – the fully-rigid Fortitude Adventure.)

Benji told us: “The High Latitude is a mighty fine ride. It coped with everything I asked of it. Long gradual ascents, short sharp climbs, rocky descents, twisty woodland singletrack. Roomy and comfy for all day riding. Capable geometry for the fun stuff. A nice taut feeling frame finished off with well chosen fault-free finishing kit. And the colour is lovely too.”

These two prove big trips and big riding don’t need big travel front and back – just quality, comfortable bikes and the willingness to ride!

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