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It’s not too late to make it an Early Rider Christmas for your junior pedallers – we have stock in store on balance bikes and stunning chain-free Belters!

Early Rider’s gorgeous range takes young cyclists from their very first balance bike strides right up to air-sprung, off-road adventures.

The Classic 12/14 (£109.99) is their flagship wooden bike with a slack as a slack thing head tube, wide rear tyre and long wheel base. Long and low translates to great stability – and the bike’s drop dead good looks mean they’ll want to stay in the saddle for a long time to come.

Stepping things up a notch, we move on to ER’s lush brushed aluminium range, and the Trail Runner 14” (£149.99). This balance bike takes 29er geometry and applies it to pedal-free scootin’ around, rolling on MTB wheels and knobbly tyres – great for riding trails or for tackling the tricky, rugged terrain of your gravel drive!


The Trail Runner screams from the rooftops that a first bike – even a balance bike with no pedals – can never be too good. The Brookes-inspired faux leather saddles and raw aluminium frames are a class apart – it all adds up to the coolest-looking balance bike on the block by far.

But for the last word on bicycles for children, look no further than the Belter – the world’s first belt-driven kids’ bike. No bike chain means no grease and minimum maintenance!

We have stock on the 16” Belter (£279.99) – which, incredibly, weighs 5kg less than most  kids’ bikes with 16” wheels!

Early Rider belter

And we have all three of the 20”-wheeled Belters – the Urban 3 (£429.99), with smooth tyres aimed at road riding. the Trail 3 (£479.99), kitted out with knobbly rubber and disc brakes for off-roading, and the Belter 20” Trail 3S (£579.99) which adds a plush and adjustable air-sprung fork into the mix.

Early Rider are all about making bikes that inspire a lifetime, as well as last one.

Get in touch on 01497 822 419 / [email protected] to reserve yours today.