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They’re all the rage on the continent, but over here – until recently – they’ve largely been treated with derision.

The tide seems to be turning, though, and it looks like some riders are finally finding room in their hearts (and their garages!) for electric mountain bikes.

And when mountain bike legend and Lapierre design consultant Nico Vouilloz  starts singing their praises – well, you’d better shut up and listen! It’s Nico!

More recently, even the gravity fiends at Dirt magazine have been seduced by the electric phenomenon.

As their writer Ed Haythornthwaite said: “Maybe instead of looking at these as ‘cheating’ bikes, we should instead think of them simply as something different, and maybe even something different that could be a whole load of fun.”

You can read his full write up here.

But don’t just take his word for it – have a go yourself by hiring an electric mountain bike at Drovers.

We stock Haibike Xduro SL 29ers – great for towing trailer buggies if you fancy a day out with the little ones, or maybe try and tick off some elusive hill climb!

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