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UK brand Genesis have changed up their mile-munching Tour de Fer to a continental style flat bar set up for 2016.

The Tour de Fer is the big-distance version of their bombproof, genre-defying Croix De Fer adventure bike.

Not that the Croix can’t handle big miles – of course it can, both on and off road.

But the Tour is more ably equipped for carrying rider and luggage over the kinds of massive distances covered on multi-terrain cycle touring outings.

Genesis Tour de Fer 10 2016

The flat bars on the 2016 model mean better compatibility with mountain biking & bike trekking components, and allow multiple hand positions via the ergo grips and integrated bar ends – ideal for long days in the saddle. The ‘side’ grip position afforded by bar ends also means a lot more leverage when you’re grunting up a climb with a heavy load.

The steel fork comes plastered with eyelets and braze-ons, making the addition of load-carrying accessories a cinch.

On the Tour de Fer 10 2016, a Tubus rear cargo rack is included in the spec. It can take a max load of 40kg (but can you?!) and Tubus famously come with a reassuring 30-year warranty.

Genesis Tour de Fer 20 2016

The slightly more upmarket Tour de Fer 20 2016 pairs the rear Tubus rack with a front one, and – impressively – comes equipped with a  Shutter Precision PD-8 disc brake dynamo hub which powers the bike’s B&M 80 Lux headlight. It’s also great for charging gizmos on the hoof.

The bike rolls on Sun Ringle’s legendary Rhyno Lite 29er cyclo-touring rims, with wide profile and a proven durability to withstand thousands of miles of fully-loaded riding.

Both bikes have three bottle cages, including a Monkiicage from Free Parable. It’s versatile design means it goes way beyond transporting your chosen thirst-quencher – slot in a bivi bag, sleeping mat or cooking gear and you’re good to go.

The Tour de Fer 10 2016 is £899 and, given the spec, the 20 is even better value at  £1299, fully-equipped.

Get in touch for a full spec sheet – the new bikes aren’t even up on the Genesis site yet, but we have all the info here!