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As I don’t get all that much time to ride in the great outdoors in winter (I’m at the shop!) it has taken me a bit longer than I would have liked to get round to this review. Last weekend though I finally finished my 1000th kilometer on the custom built genesis equilibrium. Admittedly it is not all that far to have ridden a bike like the equilibrium, which is built to eat up the miles, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in wales during the winter you will know that she’s been put through her paces!

For the uninitiated 1000km in a Welsh winter means this:

Having lived (and cycled) in many different parts of the world I can confirm that there is no better testing ground for a bike than right here in the hills during the winter months. Other shores may have higher climbs, longer descents or miles of ‘drag strip’ flats but there aren’t many places that will make you question your resolve quite like the Welsh mountains.

If you can string together a solid training block in the depths of winter round these parts then you must have a good bike (or be a better man than I!). I am pleased to report that, over the last few weeks, I have done just that. The equilibrium has taken all the abuse I (and the conditions) can throw at it and just soaked it up, it really is a pleasure to ride. In it’s current configuration it isn’t especially light so I’m not setting any records on the climbs but, unlike many steel bikes I’ve ridden, it handles acceleration as if it had a much more aggressive geometry and I have no doubt that it climbs better than other bikes in it’s weight category. The frame soaks up rough road surface and takes the edge of potholes but remains stiff enough that you don’t feel that all your effort is going to waste. On the downhill it excels:

1000 words

If I wasn’t racing and just wanted a bike to enjoy the road (and the odd sportive) I am yet to ride a more suitable steed….although I may adjust that position once the titanium equilibrium demo bike arrives 🙂

Get in touch if you want to try out a genesis equilibrium or discuss a custom build of your own.