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It’s a Christmas classic – watching a child tear the wrapping off a shiny new bike, rush outside and make those first, wobbly turns of the pedals.

But picking the right size bike can be a minefield and Christmas means added pressure to get it just right.

So we’re taking the guesswork out of buying bicycles for children by holding a kids’ bike demo morning.

We’ll be showcasing our new range of Frog children’s bicycles this Saturday, December 14th, between 10am and 1pm.

The bikes, designed by British couple Jerry and Shelley Lawson and developed with help from their own children, are built with lightweight aluminium frames and finished with quality components.

We’ll help you avoid tears on Christmas day by making sure you get a bike that fits your child, and we can guarantee delivery in time for the big day.

Parents often make the mistake of  buying a bike that is too big for their child, thinking they’ll grow into it over several years, but the fact is if your little ripper can’t manage the bike because it’s too unwieldy, they’ll never want to get on it again – money down the drain!

Better to buy a well-made and well-fitted bike with a good resale value, and accept it might need replacing in eighteen months or so. A quality kids’ bike, built to last, will survive years of hand-downs.

So – bring the kids to the shop for a spin on the bikes this Saturday, and we’ll even treat them to a cup of hot chocolate.

It really is worth the risk of spoiling a surprise , but if you’re faced with some awkward questions then maybe tell the kids you’re just helping Santa make up his mind!