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E-mountain bikes have been getting pages of editorial praise in the magazines these last couple of months – and they’re sticking to their guns in the face of some surprising hostility from the MTB community.

New developments are always met with suspicion from old-skool purists, but kitting out mountain bikes with motorised assistance is proving divisive.

Mountain Bike Rider magazine are the latest to nail their colours to the flagpole in an e-bike group test.

They were quick to point out that e-mountain bikes are big on the one thing we all look for in our rides: FUN!

Editor Simon Collis says: ‘Being able to climb up in the same amount of time it takes to roll down meant I had as much pure, concentrated fun as I’d ever had on a bike…only problem is, you end up doing the loop twice because, well, it doesn’t take as long.’

And MBR’s tech guru Alan Muldoon added: ‘For me, mountain biking is about having fun with friends, going fast and taking chances. Basically, it’s about getting an adrenaline fix out in the woods. As for whether or not e-bikes are cheating…is training, using an energy drink, honing our skills or buying lighweight carbon wheels in pursuit of speed any different? I don’t think so.’

As well as Haibike e-MTB 29ers, we have leisure e-bikes from Raleigh and Batribike.

Not convinced? All we can say is come in and give them a go! We have 29er MTBs and Raleigh e-bikes available for hire/demo.