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We are particularly excited to announce the arrival of a box, and more importantly its content, from Sportful Clothing. Expect to see and hear a lot more about this brand, we rate it highly! Here is something to whet your appetite:

NoRain bib-tights:
Fleecy full-length bib tight with pad treated with a water repellent finish to keep you dry! In my mind the perfect winter tight; probably won’t keep you dry in a full-on Welsh downpour but anything more waterproof won’t be as flexible or breathable and there is nothing worse than ill-fitting, sweaty tights and the associated chafing! The fleecy finish covers your lower back and kidney areas too to make sure you keep warm which is a nice touch. They are superbly made (we’ve yet to see something that isn’t from Sportful) and at £90 offer unbeatable value!

Hotpack NoRain Stretch jacket:
A super lightweight (120g) well fitted, packable waterproof. I treat anything labelled as waterproof with a pinch of salt but have so far had to eat my words with this one. Most jackets that are waterproof enough are too heavy to be breathable and bulky to carry so I end up not using one as I get as wet from the inside as I would have done from the weather. With the Hotpack I can have it on when the weather demands and not overheat (as it is so thin), when I want to put in a harder interval it’s easily stowed in a jersey pocket and you won’t know it’s there. At £120 it also comes in well under the price of an equivalent jacket in terms of ‘waterproofness’ and is a more versatile product as well!

Socks and neck/head warmers:
Some lovely warm woollen socks and seamless neck/head warmers were also lurking in the box, I’ve not had a chance to test these out fully as yet but they look suitably toasty and I’ve no reason to think they won’t be up to Sportful’s usual impeccable quality. We’ve got all sorts of colours and sizes in so get in touch or stop by the shop to take a look!  And since socks are the archetypal stocking filler, they make a great idea for Christmas presents for cyclists in your family too.