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We’re edging into spring and the most testing season for your cycling wardrobe.

Winter is a cinch: wrap up warm and pack – or wear – a waterproof. Likewise we tend to have summer down to a tee as bulky kit gets cast aside in favour of short sleeves.

But the unpredictable weather of spring (and autumn!) means regulating temperature can be a challenge. The season demands cycle clothing that is versatile, allowing you to adapt on the fly to changing weather conditions and temperatures.

Layering is the keyword here: think about wearing layers of clothing that can be removed as things hot up.

Leg and arm warmers, gilets and lightweight jackets all play a part. Sometimes it’s enough to ensure extremities like the hands and feet are protected from the worst of the cold – keep the most exposed parts of your body warm and you stand less chance of overheating.

Of course, choice of cycle clothing is a matter for the individual – some of us run hot in all but Arctic weather, others get the shivers the second the sun dips behind a cloud – chop and change to find a combo that works for you.

Here’s a rundown of our top picks for spring cycle clothing, much of it with a whopping 35% discount!  It’s worth remembering that spring kit will see you right through a fair chunk of the typical British summer, too!

Leg and arm warmers

The last word in versatility! Wear them for those chilly morning starts, then peel them off when the going gets hot and stash in a pocket.

Altura’s leg (£19.99) and arm (£14.99) warmers come in soft, stretch fabric with silicone grippers and reflective trim.

The Mavic women’s Cloud jersey is a short sleeve number, but comes with arm warmers. It’s in our sale at £35.75, with 35% off the RRP of £55. It bagged this 4.5 out of five star review on Bike Radar. 

Mavic cloud

Lightweight jacket

Swap-out your full-on waterproof for a lightweight, packable shower and windproof jacket, like the Mavic women’s Cloud jacket – currently on sale at £45.50 (35% off the RRP of £70) – or, for the fellas, the featherlight Cosmic Pro (£100). Mavic’s Espoir jacket is on sale at £45.50 (also 35% off £70 RRP).

mavic cosmic pro jacket

There are more budget offerings from Sportful, in the shape of their Reflex 2 jacket – just £18.20 in our sale – and also Altura’s packable Microlite showerproof jacket (£39.99).


Long-sleeve jerseys

On a dry, still day you might be able to ditch the jacket altogether and make do with a long-sleeve jersey.

Mavic’s women’s Meadow jersey is designed for off-road rides on warmer days. With 35% off it’s down to £35.75.

mavic meadow jersey

The Sportful Pista is £29.25, down from £44.99, and features a full-length zip and reinforced rear pockets.


A fantastically versatile bit of kit that protects your core from windchill and showers while allowing you to lose some heat through your arms. When the sun comes out, a gilet will pack down to next to nothing.

Sportful’s Hot Pack 4 vest is a featherweight windproof with impressive water resistance. It bagged this 4-star review on With 35% off the £54.99 RRP, it’s just £35.75.

hotpack vest


Altura’s Raceline Pro gilet (£59.99) is a beefier option, with stretch windproof panels.

Hands and feet

Keep those extremities toasty with Sportful Merino socks (£14.99), or Giro tech seasonal wool socks (£16.99) paired with Altura women’s liner gloves (£16.99) or men’s Progel windproof gloves (£29.99).

altura women's liner glove

Remember that if you’re not local to the shop, we can take orders over the phone – no problem! Give us a call on 01497 822 419.