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What Mountain Bike is the go-to choice for the discerning buyer with an eye on what’s hot – and what’s not.

This month’s issue carries a ‘first rides’ special featuring not one but TWO bikes fitted with RockShox’s amazing new EI (Electronic Intelligence) suspension system.

What is EI?

Put simply – it’s suspension with a brain.

Nifty silicone wizadry assesses terrain on the fly and adjusts suspension automatically – ten times a second. In other words, you leave your shock open and the bike does the work, optimizing settings for whatever ground you’re riding on.

What MTB described EI as the future of mountain bike suspension, declaring: ‘It is awesome.

‘It’s almost sentient, near as damn it immediate and only the slight motor murmur intrudes on an otherwise silent, seamless operation.

‘Even when we’ve raced it flat out or deliberately tried to defeat it doing dumb stuff on the sketchiest mountain descents, EI hasn’t just coped, it’s treated the roughest trails with total contempt.’

The good news is, this kind of technology isn’t the unique preserve of a few lucky mountain bike journalists, and you don’t need to hightail it to some far flung bike show to gawp at prototypes to experience it yourself.

We have in stock TWO EI-equipped carbon superbikes – from German manufacturer Haibike – and we’re knocking a staggering £2,000 off the RRP on each – this is an opportunity to bag a cutting edge carbon bike at a bargain price

The Haibike Sleek Team 29er is the ultimate, super-light, full-suspension race weapon, featuring a full Reynolds XC carbon wheelset and weighing in at a svelte 10.7k. Our model is in a large and it’s brand spanking new, completely unridden.

The RRP is £6000 but we’ll let it go for £3995.  The full spec is available here.

haibike sleek team

We also have an ex-demo Heet RX with 26” wheels. It’s only got a few miles on the clock, comes practically new and – as ever – has been well looked after by our in-house tech team.

Habibike Heet RX

RRP is £5500, but the bike is on offer at £3495. Get in touch for the full spec or check out the Haibike website.