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We’ve been hanging out at Torq HQ recently, learning loads about sports nutrition and their superb range of performance products – from gels and bars to energy supplements and recovery drinks.

Turns out there’s more to staying fueled during your riding – and making the most of your recovery – than snarfing down a gel when you feel the first twinge of an impending bonk. It’s as important as, say, getting a decent bike-fit, having a set of wheels built, or having your forks serviced.


With a background in fitness consultancy, coaching and mountain biking, Shropshire-based Torq are ideally placed to not only develop and produce an outstanding array of natural fitness nutrition, but also to pass on the considerable science behind it to people like us!

Which is why – following some in-depth training, product taste testing and even exams – we are proud to announce Drover Cycles is now an official Torq Accredited Performance Nutrition Centre!

torq accredited

We stock the full range of Torq Performance Products – and now we can confidently tell you exactly how to get the most from them, with the full backing of the company itself.

But enough! If you want Torq, suffice to say – we’ve got it!

In the meantime, here are five nutritional nuggets (no – not those nuggets!) that we gleaned from our day at Torq.

>>Fuel your ride.  Whether you are riding to improve your performance, achieve a fitness goal or lose weight it’s essential to “fuel your ride”.  Your body’s energy stores are quickly depleted even on a ride of moderate intensity, so you need to keep your fuel levels topped up.  The TORQ Fuelling System is designed to make it easy to plan your fuelling strategy.  Each bar, gel or 500ml bottle of drink delivers 30g of carbohydrate and you should aim to consume 2-3 units per hour depending on your body weight and level of exertion.

>>Understand your hydration needs and choose the appropriate form of fuel for the conditions. When you’re sweating lots drink TORQ energy but if conditions are cooler or you’re working less intensively, choose gels and bars.  The whole range includes electrolytes so no need to shell out on those fizzy tabs! For TORQ’s take on electrolytes check out their lengthy essay on

>>Make the most of the post-ride recovery window.  You’ve got just 30 to 60 minutes to take advantage of the phase when your body is best able to replenish carbohydrate stores.

>>Use caffeinated gels as part of your fuelling strategy but don’t imagine they will pick you up out of the ditch when you’ve bonked and can ride no more! Caffeine will certainly give you a pick-me-up but don’t rely on it to get you out of trouble.

>>Eat fat in moderation.  A cream tea or a bacon butty might appear tempting but neither is easy on your system when you’re riding hard.  Even the humble chocolate digestive is bad news when you consider the levels of fat for the energy delivered.