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stans no tubes tyre full of nails

Has an unexpected puncture ever left you feeling a little, umh, deflated midway through your ride? Then you’ll know what a literal let down inner tubes can be.

And this time of year, impromptu trailside repairs can be more than an unwanted interruption – if you’re riding in the dark or stuck out in foul weather, they can be dangerous, too.

The solution – thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the application of some fairly old ones – is to ‘go tubeless’. Bin those inner tubes altogether and replace them with a tube-free system which uses latex sealant to instantly plug any holes poked in your tyres by trail debris.

And there’s more. Freeing yourself of puncture fears isn’t the only advantage of a tubeless set-up – it also reduces the rotating weight of your wheelset, giving your ride added zip, and allows you to run your tyres at lower pressures and gain more grip on slippery, squirmy winter trails.

If you’ve got a reasonably modern mountain bike, chances are your wheels are tubeless compatible, in which case going tubeless is a total cinch – and could cost you as little as £42 if you want to buy the kit and have a go yourself.

We stock Stan’s No Tubes sealant (£15), valves (£14) and yellow rim tape (£13) – easily enough to convert two wheels with plenty of sealant to spare for when spring finally arrives and it’s time to swap your mud tryes for something a little less draggy.


If you’re worried a tubeless conversion is beyond your limited spannering skills, the good news is we’ll do the job for you for just £20 per wheel – which includes all the necessary bits and bobs.

If your wheels aren’t tubeless compatible, they may still be ripe for conversion using the Stan’s rim strip kit, which we also stock for £54.99. Call us for some advice.

Check out the video below for a handy DIY tutorial, or get in touch to book your wheels in for some puncture-proofing treatment!