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Calling all Powys County Council employees!

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The window of opportunity for signing up to the Cycle to Work scheme through Powys closes in a couple of weeks – and for the first time you can buy a Cycle to Work bike through Drover Cycles.

Cycle to Work saves you as much as 40% off the price of a new bike – along with accessories – worth up to £1000, with the cost deducted from your monthly salary.

Until now, the scheme has been delivered through an online, Swansea-based company.

But you can now benefit from buying locally in the following ways:

*Range of bikes in-store for you see in the flesh, plus demo models you can try before you buy.

*Full in-store bike fitting and face-to-face advice from our expert staff.

*Receive your bike fully-built instead of boxed for self-assembly.

*Free service and bike check after a month’s use.

*Peace of mind that we’re only round the corner if you need help or something goes wrong.

*Your money stays in Powys and helps support local businesses.

*Buying from us costs no more than buying online from what used to be the sole scheme provider.

With commuting in mind, we some very limited stock of Kansi folding bikes.

Folding bikes really come into their own on long commutes when part of your journey might be made by car or – even better – public transport.

The Kansi folds away in a matter of seconds and comes with its own carry-bag – perfect for transporting part-way by bus, train or in the boot of your car.

We stock all three Kansi models – the 1twenty, 3twenty and 9twenty. They’re versatile enough to cope with a range of terrain – from canal towpaths to busy, bus-filled streets.

kansi 9twenty

The bikes picked up a glowing review in the Daily Mail. Tester Jonathan Hunn wrote: ‘I’m about three miles from the nearest station but getting there [on a kansi] was a piece of cake … and my getting there didn’t involve having to take a taxi, beg my wife for a lift or take a bigger bike and have to leave it padlocked at the station until I returned. Perfect.’

You can read more about the Kansi range here, or check out the full Daily Mail ‘gadget of the week’ review here. They start at £499, but we do have a limited number and don’t expect them to be around long – get in touch if you’re interested.

Besides Kansi, we have sub-£1000 road, touring and leisure bikes from the likes of Genesis, Merida and Raleigh.

Powys employees have until April 11th to sign up but, of course, you don’t have to work for Powys County Council to buy a Cycle to Work bike. Speak to your employer if you’re keen in taking advantage of the saving, or call us on 01497 822 419 for some Cycle to Work advice.