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Fitness testing

With the arrival of our Cyclops Powerbeam Pro trainer we are fully set up to run fitness assessments so that you can monitor the success of your training. If you already train with a power-meter,or plan to do so, these sessions will enable you to set target power zones for different sessions so that you can make sure you are getting the most out of every ride. If you don’t have a power-meter you can use them as useful benchmarks to dial in the type of training you need to be working on.

As well as basic biometric data (weight etc…) each session will give you an accurate estimate of your ‘functional threshold power’ as well as a breakdown of your power ‘profile’. From this your specific strengths and weaknesses can be identified allowing you to tailor training to meet specific goals. We can also provide guidance when it come to training programmes if you don’t feel confident creating your own!

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